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Vision & Mission

1. To create the democratic and social attitude and establish the socialistic Pattern in society.

2. To give the opportunity of education to society on all stages to all. For that give them facilities of Primary Education, Secondary Education Higher Education and Vocational Education.

3. To implement the youth welfare activities under the youth welfare to do the physical development, to give vocational training, and self employment training. To the create national and global integrity the various activities in youths.

4. To implement the various women welfare programmes. To do the economical development of women and create the awareness about their rights and acts.

5. To implement various child welfare programmes. To aware the society about child care, child health etc.

6. Culture – To present the ideal traditions of the society of culture to give opportunity to develop the traditional Folk art, Folk songs, Folk dance. To give training of drama, dance acting and presentation. To develop the cultural centres.

7. To give the opportunity of Education to neglected society. Arrange vocational training and give the information of Govt. and non Govt. facilities.

8. To raise funds for all activities as per youth welfare, women welfare, child welfare and tribal welfare programmer etc.